Z One Tower

Populated 2010

Z-ONE The future prestigious project of the city. Z-ONE The best professionals from the leaders in the industry went to great lengths to bring you the unique and special ZONE.

Z-ONE Each apartment is separated from each other and has an insulated and intimate balcony.

Z-ONE Every tenant can expect an amazing view, garden or open space.

Z-ONE is located within walking distance of all community centers, gardens, the municipal library, the (future) design museum, the mall and the technological institute.

Z-ONE When you leave the house, you will discover the "Comfort" garden - an amazing, well-designed and spacious garden.

Z-ONE guarantees you and your family the highest standard of living.

Prestigious Z-ONE, special design, tenants' club, personal warehouse. Each apartment has rich technical specifications as well as plenty of other treats designed just for you.

Z-ONE brings you an exclusive variety of your choice: 5-room apartments that are carefully planned and especially spacious, 4-room apartments that are carefully planned and extra spacious, 4, 5 special and large rooms with a large and impressive balcony and also mini penthouses with amazing 6 rooms. And the best of all - the legendary penthouse that covers a huge area and has an amazing balcony overlooking the sea and the entire central area.

This project is already populated
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