Building life quality

It is said that the greatest success stories begin with a dream,  So did our success, beginning with the dream of the company's founder - Zechariah.

Zechariah Zalman began building a name for himself as a contractor and in 1974 decided it was time to work as a contractor leading projects. Zechariah, who began to build an excellent reputation for himself, with a number of successful projects, quickly became a household name and today you can find dozens of projects around the country with his signature.

In 1996, we became a limited company, and since then we have not looked back. For the past three decades, we have focused on the construction of quality residential and commercial buildings throughout Gush Dan.

The projects we are behind are not only impressive and functional, but also award-winning and you can know that there is a careful and clever planning process behind them.
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A company with a vision

Over the years, tens of thousands of our customers have enjoyed a variety of values that we adhere to and are engraved on our flag:
• Excellence: construction to high standards, without compromise.
• The small details make a big difference: levels of performance and finish of the highest quality in the real estate industry.
• Personal treatment: The company's managers provide buyers with close and personal guidance throughout, for an optimal experience and a maximum sense of security.
• Comprehensive response: Customers enjoy full responsibility for the property even in the years after occupancy.

We are happy to maintain our standards over the years, because we know that they make our customers happy, in every new project, and they - our best ambassadors.

A company with a future

We know that it is important for you to make the best investment in your family's future, and we offer exceptional financial strength, backed by a variety of assets and the reliability of more than 40 years of operation.

You can be calm, accompanied by a friend who is also a family. Along with Zechariah, the company's founder, there is a pair of CEOs who are also his sons Adir Zalman and Ziggy Zohar, who are in charge of the financial, contracting aspects and especially the service and special design that is expressed in the small details and special buildings.

The combination of contractor understanding, design excellence and financial strength makes Zalman Zakaria a leader in its field and gives the company's customers confidence in every new project.