Populated 2012

The Raphael project is designed in a classic and modern style, making it an original architectural work of art.

The project is located on the quiet Rafael Eitan Street, close to the cultural, shopping and leisure centers of Holon. On one side the project overlooks a neighborhood of villas and on the other side a spacious green park.

The Raphael project has 38 large and spacious apartments, with a variety of 4- and 5-room apartments, featuring luxurious sun terraces, as well as luxurious mini-penthouses and penthouses. The apartments have been designed with a combination of modern design elements, alongside classic motifs, in order to create a quality, pleasant and luxurious living environment.

Each apartment in Raphael is equipped with huge panoramic windows, in order to create harmony between the outside and the inside and to enjoy in the most ideal way natural lighting in the apartment. The large space, designed in each apartment, combined with the panoramic windows, create a spacious, bright and rich home space.
The project has rich technical specifications, including a double entrance lobby, a designed kitchen, modern bathrooms and more.

The project in collaboration with MA Paz Properties and Investments Ltd.

This project is already populated
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