Future projects at Zalman Zechariah: Z 221 and Z 220

3 luxury buildings we have not yet launched, but have already started planning to the last detail.
One thing is for sure: the high standard of design, finish and quality of life is going to break new records in these three buildings.

Winning location

The three buildings will be built in the H '370 neighborhood, which is bounded by four streets: Menachem Begin, Moshe Rom, Haim Sharon and Haim Bar-Lev, and is a direct continuation of the success of the Pinchas Ayalon neighborhood.
The highlight of the project: a spacious park that includes green lungs, vegetation bays, ornamental gardens, seating areas, playgrounds and sports facilities, the planned park will naturally connect to the city's sand reserve.
The attractive location of the project is accessible to the main traffic arteries: Ayalon and Road 4 via the Menachem Begin axis and the Pinchas Ayalon axis. A few minutes' drive away, the city's rich entertainment, shopping and cultural centers await you. North, Azrieli Mall, Design Museum, Meditech; To the east of the La Park complex, Peres Park, Yamit 2000, the Children's Museum and the new Azrieli Center.
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Want to join the waiting list?

While the small details are still working behind the scenes, one thing is for sure: many are waiting for the project to launch and have joined the waiting list.
Fill in the details and we will reserve a place for you as well, so you will be the first to know about the launch of the project during 2021.